The Bootleggers Booking Terms & Conditions

Updated 21st March 2012

All bookings for The Bootleggers band will be issued with a contract and
will be subject to the terms and conditions set out below.

1. It is agreed that a deposit is required to confirm any booking and that the outstanding balance due will be paid in advance of the event or by cash on the date of the event prior to performance commencing.

2. The Hirer and The Bootleggers agree that the equipment and instruments of each musician performing at an event are not available for use by any other person except by specific permission of the musician.

3. The Hirer shall ensure a safe supply of electricity and the security of the musicians and their property at the venue. The Hirer shall also ensure sufficient and appropriate space is available for The Bootleggers to perform. Should The Bootleggers be unable to perform due to electrical issues, sound restrictions, space limitations or security concerns outside of their control, the full balance remains payable.

4. The Hirer shall not make or permit the making of any audio and/or visual recording or transmission of The Bootleggers performance without the prior written consent of The Bootleggers.

5. Contracts may not be modified or cancelled except by mutual consent, in writing and signed by both parties. Any rider attached to contracts and signed by both parties shall be deemed incorporated into the contract.

6. Should the Hirer wish to cancel their contract, the following charges shall apply:-
- cancellation within 1 month of the event, full balance payable
- cancellation between 1 and 6 months of event, 50% of balance payable;
- cancellation between issue date and 6 months prior to the event, deposit retained.

7. In the unlikely event of non-fulfillment of the contract by The Bootleggers, no balance will be payable and the deposit will be refunded.

Bootleggers Band Members Group Photo

Bootleggers booking terms and conditions

Professional Party Band for the UK, based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and covering the whole of the UK

Areas covered include Derbyshire, East Midlands, Greater Manchester, Humberside, Lincolnshire, North Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire

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